Junk Removal Newton

Junk Pro Inc is a business born and raised in Newton MA… so we know a thing or two about junk removal in newton. We always recommend that the first step to removing junk is to see what we can recycle or give away. This can save time, money, and reduce the amount of waste we create. Down below are three easy steps for newton junk removal.

Here are the 3 steps to junk removal in Newton MA

Step 1: Determine if you can recycle your junk at Newton’s local recycle center

Although we do recycle, newton residents can recycle many items on their own. In fact, the local recovery center address is 115 Rumford Ave, Auburndale, MA 02466. This may save you money if you have a few small items to get rid of after all. Also, make sure to check if they accept your items here: https://www.newtonma.gov/government/public-works/sustainable-materials-management/recycle-at-the-resource-recovery-center

Step 2: Donate or giveaway clothing and furniture

As members of the Newton community, the best thing to do is giving back to your neighbors. So, if furniture is in desirable condition, leave it on the curb and somebody should pick it up within a day.

Have used clothing that is in use-able condition? If so, bag it up and bring it to a local donation center like Savers.

Nobody wants it or you’re too busy? Then give us a call and we’ll pick it up for a fair price and recycle it for you.

Step 3: Give us a call or text for junk removal in Newton

Need your junk removed soon? No problem, give us a call or text at 617-480-2285.

From here, you will get an estimate either on the phone or through text. We will put you on the schedule as soon as we can.

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