The Junk Removal Process

The Junk Removal Process (start to finish)

We like to stay transparent with our customers. This is why we decided to make a short article explaining the process of junk removal. In this article, you will learn the entire junk removal process from the first call to after we haul your junk away.

Step 1: Booking a junk removal appointment

Whether you call or fill our a contact form, we will get back to you in a short period of time. Prompt communication is key to successful connections with our clients. Also, the person on the phone is who will be there at the job. No call bots here! If you’re in our service range, great! We will give you a price over the phone based on a description of the junk. If we can’t give you an accurate price estimate, send a photo through text. Otherwise, we will give you an estimate onsite. We’ll schedule a time that works for the both of us. 

Step 2: We arrive to remove your junk

The big day is here. We will show up at the agreed upon time and you will point out what goes. The final price of the job will either be the quoted price or a priced depending on how full the truck gets. After we remove all the junk, you can pay by cash or check. After we close up the truck, we head back to our facility to sort everything out. If you have more junk, we will come back for a second load.

Step 3: We properly dispose, recycle, and donate

At this point you can enjoy your new space! Although our job isn’t done just yet… We donate re-usable items such as clothes to item swaps or thrift stores. We sort out materials and recycle them at their respective locations. Cardboard, electronics, metal, and clothing are some of the recyclable items we look out for. We bring everything else to a local transfer station. At the end of the day, we recoup at our facility and get prepped for another day of junk removal.

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